Monday, February 1, 2010


I am going to have a baby.

No, this fact did not just spring upon me, I've known that I'm going to have a baby for almost 9 months now, but seriously! I'm actually going to have a baby! It could just be me, but being pregnant and going through all of that does not really make one prepare for the time when it's weeks away.

Because suddenly you're faced with everything you need to get done! Only you can't do it all yourself because you can barely move!

Then you have wonderful friends and family who are so supportive and willing to help in any way possible.

Several of my theater friends threw a co-ed baby shower for James and I. It was wonderful being surrounded by friends who are so excited that a baby is coming! It makes me feel good because I've already done two shows while being pregnant and I'm the costume designer for another one! Already this boy is surrounded by theater! Poor kid. There's no escape.

And my family is throwing me a traditional one that I cannot wait for! It'll be people I've known my whole life who have seen me grow up and are now watching me become a mother! Which I get the feeling has been a lot of fun for my mom! I wish I lived closer and it wasn't such a pain to drive right now, cause I'd be hanging out even more!

But! I'm to the point where I have to see the doctor every week. James and I need to start organizing our room so that we have space for baby and all the baby things we are going to have and we have to learn how to properly install a car seat! There is just so much!

And being an actor, you're a little aware of your body and how it does certain things. I've been trying to pay attention and it's just amazing! The things I can feel Aidan doing when he moves, it's almost like I can see it in my imagination. It's just the most incredible experience.

Overall, pregnancy has been a really tough experience for me. I'm use to being very active. Being able to get up and get done what I need to do. I've stuggled a lot in the limitations that I have had to put on myself (and the ones James has reminded me to put on myself). I've been sick and tired through most of this. We had a scare at the begining and we made it through. We were not expecting this so soon, but we both already knew that we wanted to be parents together! I've worried about what I've been eating, I've tried to ensure that I'm not a "crazy pregnant woman" and when I'm feeling weepy and emotional I've tried to communicate with James to the best of my abilities. I've read and sung to my belly and felt my son respond to the sound of my voice and felt him respond to the sound of daddy's voice.

What a blessing this has been. It's been wonderful to share this journey with friends and family and most of all James. We're preparing for the role of our lives.


  1. Reading this makes me want another baby.. But SHHHH don't tell my husband, lol. I asked my Daughter Scarlett if she would like a baby today. She said, "No, I dont need a baby".

  2. That is so cute! At some point though she may change her mind!