Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stealing a moment

Even though I really should go to bed because the baby is sleeping and I have to be at work by 4 am. I know. I'll try to be quick!
Life has been super busy and crazy. I got a job at Target and started on Mother's day. I was so thankful to get a job in this economy that I cannot even begin to tell you. I started out saying I would work any time they wanted because I wanted to get hired and I felt that if I worked really hard they would love me and I could then go on a more consistent schedule.
After three months of being there I have asked to be the Captain of the Back to School area. I will be responsible for preparing for the Ad, knowing where everything is and keeping the area stocked and organized!
I am blown away!
I also seem to have every team lead wanting me on their team. I have the Cashier Lead wanting me to cashier, the Flow and Plano teams wanting me and all across the board everyone seems happy with me. And I am so glad about that!
I'm so happy to be employed and to feel that I am doing a good job. It feels good.
I am also SO thankful to my mom and my in laws and James. Together we have been able to avoid daycare and my sweet beautiful baby has been surrounded by people who love him.
I fall more in love everyday with this little man.
And now he's awake!
Gotta go!