Saturday, May 1, 2010

Being a Mommy Rocks!

My baby is starting to make more and more noises and smiling! Oh my God it is the most wonderful thing ever! He's so beautiful I just cry when I look at him sometimes! It's amazing.
I've started to do some things that I hope are really enriching to him. We go for a walk first thing in the morning. I love having him hear the birds and smell the air while it's still cool. Then we come home and I play around on the piano, the guitar and I need to start playing my violin for him too. It's wonderful that he gets so excited when I play music for him. I love it!
Then today as I was walking him around today I was reading Emily Dickinson's poetry to him and he fell asleep. I'm the luckiest Mommy ever!
Today I also stopped by Target to introduce myself after I filled out an application online. Luckily I got to speak to the manager of the department I was interested in working for. I will hopefully get an interview next week.
My first Mother's Day this year. I am so lucky! And my parents were right. They said when I had a baby I would understand how they felt about me.
I started his picture book and I am just amazed at how beautiful he looks and how much has happened in two months. It's going by so fast! And I'm trying to cherish every moment.