Thursday, November 26, 2009


Crazy that this is the first Thanksgiving that I have with James. I feel like he has always been in my life. Not in the bad way of , "God we've been together so long!" No I mean in the "You've always been here, because I've been waiting for you". I'm so happy and thankful that he is in my life! I love him so much!
We went and hung out with my family this morning! James got to meet most of my mom's siblings and her mother! My Grandma tells James that she's heard how tall and handsome he is and that she hasn't been lied to and then she says, "When are you getting me Diamondbacks tickets?" Yup. That's my Grandma!
So I take him around Pioneer Park in Mesa. A park that I grew up going to. I show him the Train that is still there that I use to be able to climb all over. Now it's gated off because people hurt themselves and people started peeing in it and it houses stray cats. I pointed out where the airplane use to be that again we could climb all over before they removed it. I then described the Western town that was there too! There was this little thing that looked like a western town, it had walkways and different signs above the doorways and you could climb onto the second story and have shootouts and stuff! Man. That use to be the coolest park ever!
It was wonderful sharing those memories with him! I can't wait till we go back to Rhode Island and he can show me where he grew up!
It was fun hanging with my family! We then went back to my parents house and got the next round of pregnant belly pictures! Holy Cow, btw! When I took the first pictures I was only a few months along, and I thought I was pretty big! No way! I looked at those pictures and I thought, "Oh my god! I was so tiny!!!" Cause now I can't even see my feet! James got in a couple of them too! I can't wait to post them everywhere! He was down level with my belly and had his head against my belly and I had my arms around his head! They are so beautiful!!! I can't wait to share them!
Then it was back to Surprise where we're getting ready to have dinner with his parents!
I don't think I have ever enjoyed a holiday season so much in my life! I'm actually even looking forward to the whole Christmas spirit thing! Usually I'm a bit of a Grinch until the week before. But I am just so happy this year. Happier than I have ever been before!
And I owe that to the two men of my life! James and Aidan!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hanging with the girls!

So, after my show I drove to Mesa to see the new Twilight movie "New Moon". Now, I don't really care for the movie, I'm not on any of the teams and I don't count the days till the next one. I have read the books and found them to be well written and entertaining and I can admire that the author tried something new and different with the Vampire lore. However when we can get back to Lost Boys and Interview with the Vampire type monsters again that will be nice!
Enough of Vampires being creatures that we can all fall in love with! True Blood and Twilight. They are monsters. A classic monster that has a seduction to it because that is how it lures it's prey!
Anyway. I went because this was my mom's birthday present. Hanging with her girls! And I had a great time! The two hours before the movie were spent talking and planning and laughing a ton! Also some crying when my mom and sister felt my belly and Aidan moving around. Faith and I have had our sister in laws pregnant a few times and have beautiful nieces and nephews running around, but we didn't grow up with them and we were old enough to know you don't just touch a pregnant woman's belly. That's rude. So our opportunities to feel fetal movement have been very few. I think the last time I did was when my sister was in my mom and I was kicked in the back onto the floor.
Sharing this amazing wonder of being pregnant has been wonderful to share with my mom. She is such a loving woman and so fun to be around and I don't know of a better Grandma out there. She would have everyday be Grandma day if she could. And last night having my sister share too was great! She looks forward to being a mom so much and just from that you know she's going to be a great mom.
So yes, even though the evening was filled with shrieks and sighs as two boys came on screen I did get to actually see most of the movie and it wasn't that bad. And I got to hang out with two of the coolest girls I know! And you can't ask for more than that.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crazy Times!

So, my show opened last week and we have been getting some really wonderful reviews! That makes me happy! I enjoy being part of a show that people enjoy and want to come to! It's also been really wonderful working with Arizona Jewish Theatre. I had heard that they were very nice to work for and what do you know they are! The cast has also been very fun and I've enjoyed being able to get to know them!
Only this weekend and next left so hurry up and come!
My baby Aidan has been getting more and more active! I joke that I have a future Olympic Gymnast in me. He moves around so much. It really is the most amazing feeling in the world! I wish I could describe it! But nothing works. No words or feelings. Knowing that my baby is strong and moving and reacts to my voice when I read aloud or sing, makes me tear up! I know it sounds kinda silly but I love it! Being pregnant is starting to be really fun! The first few months, not so much! It kinda sucked in fact, but now it's all fun and wonderful!!!
I have Maegan's Bridal shower today, her mother is putting it on for her. I think that is very sweet, I remember my mom doing that! It was a great time!
Which reminds me I have to start planning a baby shower don't I? Crap! Luckily thanks to my very sweet Aunt Lana and Uncle Paul I have a car seat and stroller already! And nice ones too!! They just need to be cleaned up a little. They've been in a garage.
(Sigh) There is so much I need to get done! I have another show that I start rehearsals for .....this week? Next week? Not sure! But another show soon none the less, Joey and the Fir Tree, check out! Thanks!
And then once that show is done I have full availability to try and get a job! I'll rest when I have one! It's going to be interesting, not sure how many places are going to want to employ a woman 7 months pregnant. But hey! There could be some very loving people out there! What do you know!
Anyway. That's about all that is going on right now, I'm in the process of getting plans together for Thanksgiving and getting a job and completing two wonderful shows. It should be fun!!