Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here we go.....

Ok people. Here it is. Finally I have started a blog. I'm not going to a very good blogger. I can only promise to do the very best that I can to keep you all up to date as to what is going on in life!

So! This is what is up!

I have been dating my friend James Porter who I met two years ago in a show since March 1st this year. So, about 6 months!

We started our relationship the best way in the world, both having been through such a horrible time in relationships we decided to lay everything on the table from day one. We said exactly what it was we were looking for, what we wanted in life and what we were not going to put up with. And we found that we wanted the sames things, we were looking for the sames things and we were both the opposite of what we couldn't live with. All in all, we found that we are alike enough to get along and different enough to make things interesting.

James and I determined right away that this was it! We were goners! I was in love with him and he with me! So we decided that we were going to get married this year!

Today! We are not married, but we are expecting our first baby! So.... we won't be getting married this year, but next year after March when the baby is born.

Our baby is currently almost 14 weeks old, we don't know what we're having yet but we are ready and excited to know! The due date is March 3, 2010. This is a surprise but we both knew that we wanted children, even if it came to adoption. So we are looking forward to being parents.

So. Yeah. That's about all right now. That is where we are right now!

Type ya later!