Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too early to be awake.

But when one can't sleep what can you do?
Aidan had the hiccups last night in addition to feeling restless. So he was just moving around constantly and this morning, my legs feel so cramped and painful that I don't know what to do. No position is comfortable.
And through all of this I still wouldn't want to be in any other condition.
I'm now in the process of trying to mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically prepare myself for having a baby. Which is quite a thing to prepare for let me tell you. I'm not just preparing myself for the way I want things to go, I'm trying to anticipate that things may not go the way I want and I need to prepare myself to do the best thing for me and Aidan.
I also have costume making coming up for Salem 1692. And I cannot wait! In California when I was on tour in the summer, I ended being the person to come to when you had a costume problem. I loved it! I had tried helping the costumer with some sewing and I had tried to get in touch with another costumer I knew to start learning how to sew and be a costume designer. Then I moved back to AZ and had no contacts here till recently.
So the prospect of learning how to sew is really exciting to me. And it's not even so much the sewing that has me worried as the not feeling overwhelmed by the pattern. Luckily I have two wonderful ladies willing to help me out so I need not be worried. My mom and Katie are awesome to help me with this! Plus it's time with my mommy which I won't have much of after baby comes.
And boy is it coming up quick! It doesn't seem that long ago that James and I had just found out that we were expecting to be become parents. And now, here we are almost a month away from him coming.
I mean wow! Everything I've ever wanted and needed and here it is! I am so blessed. Blessed to love and be loved by James and to be starting a family.

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  1. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world! I'm so happy for you net net!