Saturday, December 12, 2009


So I went yesterday and tested with the City of Surprise to be a Communications dispatcher. There were about 300 other people there. No pressure. But I think I did fairly well! Actually I think I did really well. I was surprised how I did. That doesn't mean I'll get called. They are only going to take the top 5% or something like that of the people who passed. It would be an eight month process. Good times.
I also applied to Discover card. A friend of mine told me they were hiring. And I got called and answered some questions for them. They informed me that the class would start in late January and end late February early March and did I have any conflicts. I was like, "Well, I will be having a baby around that time, but other than that I'm free."
It's tough. But we'll figure something out. Everything is going to work out fine. If I have to be a telemarketer for a while. I know most of the people in my family would disown me if I did that, but gotta pay the bills somehow! Geesh!
Other than that, things going great! Baby Aidan is getting more and more active, James has been putting together more ideas for Arizona Curriculum Theater and I'm happy.
Trying to figure out my financial situation and James has also been trying to help me with that which is nice, but I'm trying to stay in a good mood for the baby's sake. I don't want things happening before they are suppose to!

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  1. bartending school is only a 2 week course! and you can always find a job bartending :) pregnant bartender though, sounds a little unusual, huh?