Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby Boy!

Yes! That is what James and I are expecting! We already have the name Adian James for our son and we couldn't be happier!

Everyone kept asking us what we wanted to have and what we thought, a lot of people had opinions of what we were going to have, but James and I didn't care.

Didn't care about what we were going have! Out thinking has always been that as long as the baby is healthy we don't care! We have been so delighted at the prospect of becoming a family that we have no preference! If we have a daughter, wonderful! If we have a son, wonderful! We've just been so overwhelmed that we can even have a child that knowing we have one on the way has been the greatest joy!

And our son, is just going to be loved! I'm going to make sure he knows how to climb trees and James is going to make sure that he becomes a good man, of course I'll have part in that as well, but the biggest thing, is James and I working together to ensure that our son knows that no matter what happens in life, he has two parents who love him. Thats really the most important thing I want my children to know. If they learn nothing else in life, I want them to know without any doubt that they are loved by their parents! And they will be!

And as soon as I figure out how to put pictures on this thing, I'll post those!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you and know you will be two of the most loving parents a child can ask for.

  2. A son, that's amazing. I know you'll shower him with lots of love, and in turn he'll grow up to make you proud. :)

  3. yeah!! I'm so glad you got a blog!! I love that name! You guys will be the best parents ever!!!

  4. Danette I love your blog! ;-) It's so cute! ;-)