Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silent as long as possible.

Those of you who know me know that I don't like to get political. I hate the feelings that can arise from such a simple discussion and difference of opinions. People get so angry and upset about how they feel about this country and it's laws.
But, as a woman who was on AHCCCS and a new mother. The cuts that our elected Governor has proposed, has made me so sad and angry that I had to write to this woman and express myself.
I understand many will not agree. But I have done all I can. Written to my Governor. And now, I am stuck with her decision because the majority choose her to lead this State.

Governor Brewer

On November 2, 2010 I went to vote. And I did not vote for you.

You became the Governor of Arizona despite my vote. So I have the misfortune of having you lead the state that I was born in, raised in, and have my family living in, at least until the next election. And I pray it is only till then and that you will not be re-elected.

The anger and disappointment I feel cannot be expressed. You put the needs of the well off and few above the needs of those that need the help of its leaders the most. You seek to give yourself more power and take the rights of those who elected you away.

I have a son, and you are proposing to make cuts to education that will effect his future and what it can be. How can you be so blind to destroy the only true hope that we as a state, country and world have. I know it sounds sappy. But children are the future and you taking away funding to their betterment is selfish and greedy.

Why don’t you stop the lawsuit you have against the Federal Government? How much of our State budget are you spending in that fight?

You also seek to take away medical coverage for people below the poverty level. How nice it must be to not have to be concerned about your healthcare. To know that if you need to see a doctor, and get a prescription you can do so. Some do not have that peace of mind.

In 2009 I became pregnant. I was working part time at $9.00 an hour. When I informed my employer that I was expecting I was fired because I would not be able to perform my job duties. But, what fight did I have in that respect? Arizona is a right to work state and I can fired because my employer doesn’t like red-heads.

I tried to find work, but as my pregnancy progressed, but no one was going to hire someone who was going to have to go on maternity leave. I was also very sick the whole 40 weeks.

I was so thankful that the state I have worked in since I was 16 had the Baby Arizona Program. I was able to receive wonderful care and have my baby in a Hospital where if I had needed any help, it would have been provided instantly.

I am lucky, in that I no longer need to be on AHCCCS. But, I cannot imagine the pain and suffering you are causing by proposing to cut the benefits. There are people working two or more jobs to provide for themselves, just to keep themselves in a home, and now they will have to pay out of pocket for any health needs.

You say that they can go to the Emergency Rooms. Yes. But if they can’t pay a doctors bill how are they to pay an Emergency Room bill? And if no one can pay the Emergency Room bill, how is the Emergency Room to pay for it’s supplies and it’s Doctors and Nurses? I hope I don’t need to continue in the cause and effect.

You are destroying this state. You. I blame you for all that has been going so wrong. You destroy so much hope and faith that has put in you by the office you have been elected to and you abuse this hope, trust and power for your own gain. How dare you. I don’t expect that you have any shame. You lied so much during your campaign and won.


One Arizona Mother

Danette Shoemaker

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